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Always innovating, Casper has had a few updates since then, and we’ll break them all down and what they mean for you, the sleeper. Does it sleep cool? Can couples share it easily?

Our Updated Casper Mattress Review for 2020.
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If you’re here, you probably got a good look at the adorable animals that Casper has marched out to help sell their mattresses. Who doesn’t love a baby goat? We know we do.
But what’s the deal with their mattress? Is it worthy of all the internet buzz surrounding this brand and its products? In this Casper mattress review, we’ll check out their flagship mattress model that launched the now-famous brand back in 2014.
Always innovating, Casper has had a few updates since then, and we’ll break them all down and what they mean for you, the sleeper. Does it sleep cool? Can couples share it easily?
Stay tuned, as we go through the details. Or skip to the bottom to see how it scores in individual categories.
Who Do We Think Matches With Casper?
Versatility Fans – If you’re in a couple and your partner has a different body type (80% of couples are in this boat) or you’re a person who switches positions a lot, you might like how versatile Casper is. They’ve built this bed to work with multiple shapes in different positions by strategically layering their foam. Spine Alignment Seekers – Having problems sleeping in a neutral position? Zoning in Casper may help you out. Firmer foam in the center of the bed helps hold your hips in line, which can be a struggle, especially for stomach sleepers. Hot Sleepers – If you’ve shied away from memory beds in the past because of heat retention concerns, you have little to worry about with Casper. They’ve placed it lower so you still get great body conformance with breathable, cooler foams closer to your body.
Possible Casper Complaints:
No Innerspring Feel – This is an all-foam bed, as as such as some pretty great motion isolation, but if you want more of an innerspring bounce in your bed, you may steer towards the company’s hybrid bed. Foam Doesn’t Slowly Respond – Fans of traditional memory beds are often looking for materials that slowly respond, but that’s not the feel here. By building the top layers with responsive foams, the brand aims to make repositioning easier and provide a less “stuck” feeling.
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Brand Overview.
Company Headquarters: New York City Website: Phone: 1 888.498.0003.
Casper is one of the most famous bed-in-a-box brands out there, from their quirky ad campaigns and continuous innovation. Once an exclusively online brand, the company is now exploring pop-up locations and selling their products in select West Elm stores, as well as Target.
Fly American Airlines? You may very well be snuggling with a Casper pillow. Check the label.
The company has recently announced the launch of their hybrids, as well as a few newer products looking to help folks sleep better with technology and even CBD gummies. According to their CEO, they’re poised to become the “Nike of sleep” and are expanding their foothold in all kinds of new tech.
Construction: What’s inside Casper?
Casper is a bed-in-a-box foam brand that stands 12 inches tall. Its four layers are wrapped in a durable polyester fabric.
The first layer is 1.5 inches of open-cell proprietary comfort foam that gives the mattress some bounce and breathability to keep the surface from overheating. The second layer is 1.5 inches of responsive high-density memory foam for pressure relief and motion isolation. Keeping this layer away from the surface helps to keep the trapped heat associated with memory foams away from the body. The third layer is 2 inches of Zoned Support™, a transition layer that is firmer in the center of the bed where your hips are positioned to help with the extra weight that tends to concentrate in this region, but softer around your shoulders and knees, for additional pressure relief. Since your body is getting tailored firmness levels, your spine should remain in neutral alignment. The fourth layer is a 7-inch layer of dense foam that lends durability, provides support, and creates the overall foundation of the mattress.
First Impression: How Does It Feel?
The outsides of this mattress look sporty and modern, with grey side panels and white top. The top feels soft and cool to the touch. Pressing into the foams, you should notice how responsive they feel or how quickly they regain their shape when pressure is released. Pushing deeper, you’ll feel the slower responding memory foam that was built to conform to your shape.
Lying down, you should feel immediate sinkage into the top layer of breathable foams as the lower layer of memory foam slowly conforms to the shape of your body. With built-in gradual transitions between each layer of foam, you shouldn’t feel “bottomed out” or up against the firmness of the base, though the supportive system should keep your body level, using the zoning in the third layer.